Bakery de France


Each baguette is created by using a blend of world-class flours. Featuring a crisp, delicate crust with a moist and porous interior, these are our take on a traditional French Classic.

Authentic Artisan Baguette
Authentic Artisan Baguette Item #: F5400 24/10 oz
Artisan Multigrain Baguette
Artisan Multigrain Baguette Item #: F5409 24/10 oz
Baguette St. Germain
Baguette St. Germain Item #: F5410 16/16 oz
Ciabatta Baguette
Ciabatta Baguette Item #: F5415 20/12 oz
Ciabatta Multigrain Baguette
Ciabatta Multigrain Baguette Item #: F5417 20/11 oz
Sesame Semolina Baguette
Sesame Semolina Baguette Item #: F5418 20/11 oz