Bakery de France

Dinner Rolls

Each dinner roll is uniquely crafted to deliver a satisfying depth of flavor and distinctive aroma that is unique to naturally fermented breads.

French Michette
French Michette 1.25oz Item #: F1492 150/1.25 oz
Ciabatta Rolls
Ciabatta Rolls Item #: F2474 100/1.5 oz
French Petit Pain
French Petit Pain Item #: F2475 120/1.75 oz
Michette Assortment
Michette Assortment Item #: F2801* 150/1.4 oz *60 French/ 30 Wheat/ 30 Sun Dried Tomato/ 30 Onion Dill
Ciabatta Artisan Assortment
Ciabatta Artisan Assortment Item #: F2802* 100/1.5 oz *25 Ciabatta/ 25 Focaccia/ 25 Olive Ciabatta/ 25 Sun Dried Tomato Ciabatta
Harvest Artisan Assortment
Harvest Artisan Assortment Item #: F2805* 120/1.5 oz *30 seeded Black Forest Grain/30 Rolled Oat Honey Wheat/ 30 Seeded Ciabatta/ 30 Plain Ciabatta
Rustic Artisan Rolls Assorted
Rustic Artisan Rolls Assorted Item #: F5010* 80/1.5 oz *20 Rustic/20 Sesame Semolina/20 Green Olive Thyme/ 20 Cranberry Golden Raisin
Kalamata Olive Petite Buchette
Kalamata Olive Petite Buchette Item #: F5051 100/1.75 oz
Stirato Dinner Roll
Stirato Dinner Roll Item #: F5060 100/1.5 oz
Baguettine Item #: F5062 160/1.5 oz