Bakery de France

Sandwich Rolls

The foundation for every gourmet sandwich begins with great bread, which is why each of our rolls feature a crisp, sturdy, aromatic crust and artisan flavor, providing versatility for every creation.

Focaccia Herb Sundried
Focaccia Herb Sundried Item #: F1213 48/4 oz
Ciabatta Panini
Ciabatta Panini Item #: F2473 48/3.25 oz
Ciabatta Panini Multigrain
Ciabatta Panini Multigrain Item #: F2477 48/3.25 oz
Ciabatta Panini Rosemary
Ciabatta Panini Rosemarya Item #: F2478 48/3.25 oz
Artisan Square 4x4
Artisan Square 4" x 4" Item #: F5202 60/3.25 oz
Demi Baguette
Demi Baguette Item #: F5210 48/4 oz
Ciabatta Sub Roll
Ciabatta Sub Roll Item #: F5212 48/4 oz