Bakery de France

Whole Grain Council Certified

To the end, we are passionate about staying true to the essence and authenticity of classic French and artisan bread. Bakery de France is a proud partner with the Whole Grain Council. Look for the WGC sticker on your favorite items.

Multigrain Baguette
Multigrain Baguette Item #: F1036 24/12 oz
Ciabatta Multigrain Panini
Ciabatta Multigrain Panini Item #: F2477 48/3.25 oz
Artisan Square Multigrain 4 Sandwich Bread
Artisan Square Multigrain 4" Sandwich Bread Item #: F5203 60/3.25 oz
Tuscan Ciabatta Multigrain Baguette
Tuscan Ciabatta Multigrain Baguette Item #: F5417 20/11 oz
Artisan Multigrain Square
Artisan Multigrain Square Item #: F5431 18/20 oz
Country Batard
Honey Wheat Batard Item #: F5535 22/20 oz
Touch of Honey Wheat Rustic Loaf Item #: F2367 6/32 oz
Multigrain Rounds
Multigrain Rounds Item #: F2541 48/3.5 oz